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IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute
Research Program 2001

The Geometry in Supergravity

Complementing the highly structured Graduate Summer School, which is directed at younger mathematicians, the Research Program addresses the needs of mathematicians who are already carrying out research. The program offers advanced scholars the opportunity to do research, collaborate with their peers, meet outstanding students, and explore new teaching ideas with professional educators. It is designed to introduce active areas of research by focusing on a specific topic. The informal format generates lively exchanges of views and information between established and newer researchers.

The Research Program this year is organized by

Daniel Freed of the University of Texas at Austin
David Morrison of Duke University
Isadore Singer of Massachusetts Institute of Technology

around the theme: "The Geometry in Supergravity."

Part of this summer's program will consist of a workshop introducing geometers to supergravity. Both mathematicians and physicists will participate. The workshop has two goals: to understand the geometric content of the subject and to learn about interesting open problems which geometers might attack. This workshop will meet daily during the second and third weeks of the Institute.

Topics for additional workshops and working groups may be chosen at the beginning of the Summer Session by participants. It is expected that researchers will be active in other aspects of the PCMI Summer Session as well, by offering talks or seminars to the other groups or attending their sessions. The rest of the time will be free for work and informal discussions.

New and recent PhDs are especially encouraged to apply to the Research Program if they are working in this field or a related field. One of the primary goals of this year's research program is to encourage interaction between geometers and physicists, and to help each understand the other's point of view on the subject.

Senior mathematicians whose research interests are complementary to the main topic are also invited to apply. In addition, there will be openings for some senior mathematicians who wish to attend the Summer Session because of their strong interest and involvement in educational issues.

 Independent Researchers

Researchers in other areas of mathematics and theoretical physics who have independent funding are invited to apply for participation in the PCMI Summer Session. All programs and facilities will be available to these participants, although lodging space may be limited. Introductory courses, joint education/research activities, and computer facilities may be of particular interest. Researchers interested in becoming involved with a future Summer Session may wish to use this opportunity to get acquainted with the program. Small groups of collaborators from geographically separate areas are particularly welcome to apply.

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