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The Mathematics Education Research Program will include two strands of activity in the Summer Session of 2003. 

1.  International Seminar on Mathematics Education

Mathematics Education Around the World: Bridging Policy and Practice

PCMI will host its 3rd annual International Seminar on Mathematics Education in 2003.  The PCMI International Seminar will continue to focus on issues in the preparation and professional development of teachers of  mathematics.  The discussion will reflect on the PCMI goals from an international perspective: what it means to strengthen content knowledge, reflect on practice, and how teachers in other countries become a resource to their mathematical communities.  In particular, the Seminar, building bridges between policy and practice, will consider how to build  the "knowledge of mathematics for teaching" and what forms this might take in the diverse countries represented at the Seminar. 

2.  Elementary Mathematics Teaching Lab (MTL) New to PCMI is a focus on K-6 mathematics instruction. In the 2003 Summer Session, mathematics educator Deborah Ball will teach a sequence of 5 mathematics classes on number to elementary school children in a "Mathematics Teaching Lab." This activity will function as a centerpiece for generating serious and structured ‘cross-program’ conversation around the theme of knowledge of mathematics for teaching. The primary participants in these discussions (including 1-2 selected participants from each of the six component programs of PCMI) will attend a daily ‘preview’ session, observe the lab classes, then a final daily session to analyze and question practice, explore the mathematics that emerges and how that mathematics informs teaching decisions.  

Due to its limited size and highly structured agenda, participation in the Mathematics Education Research Program for Summer Session 2003 is by invitation.