"The Standard Model and Beyond"
July 16 - July 27, 2007

The deadline for application has now passed. 
We are unable to accept any further applications
for this year's program.

2007 Program

Following on the PiTP 2005 program on collider physics,  PiTP 2007 will focus on particle physics phenomenology with special emphasis on model building.  The goal will be to help young physicists prepare for the physics that will emerge from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).  The program is open to graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in particle theory/string theory/particle experiment who are familiar with the basics of the standard model.  To assist the students in preparing for the school, a list of reading material will be made available on this website several weeks before the start of the program.  PiTP 2007 will be organized more like a workshop than a school, with three hour-long lectures in the mornings, and afternoons devoted to study groups, tutorials, problem sessions, and discussions with lecturers.  Active student participation is expected.  

Professors Michael Dine (University of California at Santa Cruz) and Nathan Seiberg (Institute for Advanced Study) will be the Scientific Directors for the 2007 program.

A partial list of lecturers and organizers for PiTP 2007 includes: Nima Arkani-Hamed (Harvard University), Michael Dine (SCIPP, University of California, Santa Cruz), Stephen D. Ellis (University of Washington), Igor Klebanov (Princeton University), Paul Langacker (Institute for Advanced Study), Markus A. Luty (University of Maryland), Juan Maldacena (Institute for Advanced Study), Aneesh V. Manohar (University of California, San Diego), Konstantin Matchev (University of Florida), Chiara R. Nappi (Princeton University), Yosef Nir (Weizmann Institute of Science), Michael E. Peskin (SLAC, Stanford University), Nathan Seiberg (Institute for Advanced Study), Scott Thomas (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey), and Edward Witten (Institute for Advanced Study).

Background on PiTP

Prospects in Theoretical Physics (PiTP) is an intensive two-week summer program designed for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars considering a career in theoretical physics.  First held by the School of Natural Sciences at the Institute for Advanced Study in the summer of 2002, the PiTP program is designed to provide lecture courses and informal sessions on the latest advances and open questions in various areas of theoretical physics.

One of the goals of the program is to help the physics community train the next generation of scholars in theoretical physics.  A special effort is made to reach out to women and minorities, as well as to graduate students in small universities who typically do not have the same opportunities and access to leaders in the field as graduate students in large research institutions.

Prospects in Theoretical Physics builds on the strong relationship of the research groups at the Institute and Princeton University, and many faculty members from the physics departments at both institutions are actively involved in the program together with scientists from neighboring institutions.  

Program History: 2002 - 2006

The pilot program in the summer of 2002 was an introduction to string theory tailored to graduate students entering the field, where much attention was paid also to particle phenomenology and cosmology.  PiTP 2003 was devoted to the problems and techniques at the interface of particle physics and cosmology.  PiTP 2004 was a program for advanced graduate students in string theory, while PiTP 2005 was designed to provide an introduction to collider physics.  Finally, the 2006 Program - "Applications of String Theory" - covered recent advances in string theory that have found applications to gauge theories, integrable models, cosmology and mathematics.

Please see the links below for an Application Form and tentative Program Schedule.  For further information, please contact Susan Higgins, (609) 734-8389; e-mail: shiggins@ias.edu

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 2007 Application Form  The deadline for application has now passed.
We are unable to accept any further applications for this year's program.

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