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2006 Research Program Participants

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Math Science Partnership Project/PD3

IAS/Park City Mathematics Program (PCMI) is an outreach program of the
School of Mathematics,
Institute for Advanced Study
Princeton, New Jersey.

pcmi 2006

June 25 – July 15, 2006
Park City, Utah

Low Dimensional Topology

Mathematics Knowledge
for Teaching

     2006 math diagrams

Research Organizers

Tomasz Mrowka
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Peter Ozsvath
Columbia University

Clay Senior Scholars in Residence

Yakov Eliashberg
Stanford University

Robion Kirby
University of California, Berkeley

    Education Coordinators

Gail Burrill
Michigan State University

Daniel Goroff
Harvard University

Carol Hattan
Skyview High School, Vancouver, WA

James King
University of Washington


2007Watch for more information coming soon
Statistical Mechanics

July 1-21, 2007

Program Information and Applications available: December 1, 2006


Scott Sheffield, Courant Institute

Thomas Spencer, Institute for Advanced Study

Clay Senior Scholars in Residence

Andrei Okounkov, Princeton University

Srinivasa Varadhan, Courant Institute

Graduate Summer School Lecturers

David Brydges, University of British Columbia

Alice Guionnet, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon

Richard Kenyon, University of British Columbia

Gregory Lawler, University of Chicago

Yuval Peres, Microsoft Research and

                      University of California Berkeley

Wendelin Werner, Université Paris-Sud


Analytic and Algebraic Geometry:
Common Problems - Different Methods

July 6-26, 2008


Jeff McNeal, The Ohio State University

Micea Mustata, University of Michigan

Program Principals

Robert Lazarsfeld, University of Michigan

Yum-Tong Siu, Harvard University


PCMI Program Staff

C. Herbert Clemens
The Ohio State University
PCMI Program Director

Catherine Giesbrecht
Institute for Advanced Study
Program Administrator


About the IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute

About the Institute for Advanced Study

About the School of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study
The Institute for Advanced Study and the IAS/Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) wish to thank the following generous contributors:

The National Science Foundation, Education and Human Resources Directorate - (Math Science Partnership Initiative), grant no. 0314808
The National Science Foundation, Division of Mathematical Sciences, grant no. 0437137
The Starr Foundation
The State of New Jersey
The National Security Agency

American Institute of Mathematics (Focused Research Group)
The George S. and Delores Doré Eccles Foundation

The Bristol Myers Squibb Foundation
The Wolfensohn Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jaffin
The Clay Mathematics Institute*

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
Chautauqua Workshop Programs

With special appreciation to :
The University of Utah Department of Mathematics

*The Clay Mathematics Senior Scholars-in-Residence 2006

Software Donations:

MathWorks, makers of MATLAB
Maplesoft, makers of Maple
Key Curriculum Press, makers of Geometer’s Sketchpad and Fathom
Texas Instruments, makers of Cabri Geometry