Suggested Reading List

Suggested Reading List 

Suggested By S. Aaronson 

Suggested By T. Faulkner
- Entanglement entropy: holography and renormalization group, by T. Nishioka, <group>
- Entanglement Entropy in Field Theory and Gravity, by N. Iqbal link:
- Chapters 2 &3 of Holographic Entanglement Entropy by M. Rangamani and T. Takayangi

Suggested by D. Harlow:
- A Lectures on Black holes and QI

Suggested by M. Headrick:
- TASI lectures notes

Suggested By J. Maldacena:
- AdS2 Holography and the SYK Model By Gábor Sárosi 

Suggested by D. Stanford:

Suggested By L. Susskind 
- Curvatures of Left Invariant Metrics on Lie Groups ADVANCES IN MATHEMATICS 21,293-329 (1976) JOHN MILNOR
- "The geometry of quantum computation" Dowling and Nielsen  
- “Complexity, action, and black holes”  Brown, Roberts, Susskind, Swingle, Zhao 
-  “The Second Law of Quantum Complexity” Adam R. Brown, Leonard Susskind 

Suggested by A. Wall:
- Aron C. Wall "A Survey of Black Hole Thermodynamics"
- Raphael Bousso, Zachary Fisher, Stefan Leichenauer, and Aron C. Wall "A Quantum Focussing Conjecture"

Suggested by E. Witten:
- John Preskill, ``Quantum Shannon Theory,'' chapter 10,

- Edward Witten, ``Notes on Some Entanglement Properties of Quantum Field Theory,''
arXiv:1803.04993, sections 1-5

- Robert Wald, {\it General Relativity}, chapters 8 and 9, 
A mini-introduction to Information Theory,