PiTP 2018 Participant Directory

Lars Aalsma
Institute for Theoretical Physics - University of Amsterdam
Connection between string theory and cosmology

Cesar Agon

Stony Brook University
Understanding fundametal aspects QFT through the eyes of QIT

Amr Ahmadain

University of Virginia
Calculation of entanglement entropy in non-relativistic field theories

Abdulrahim Al Balushi

University of Waterloo
Quantum algorithms for QFT processes, relation of operations in a Hilbert space to spacetime,
black hole thermodynamics, theory of complex systems

Batoul Banihashemi
University of Maryland, College Park
Quantum gravity, in particular holography and thermodynamic descirption of gravity
Mert Besken
University of California, Los Angeles
AdS3/CFT2 Duality
Erin Blauvelt
Lehigh University
Holographic gauge/gravity correspondence
Andreas Blommaert
Ghent University
Quantum gravity, with an emphasis on edge states, entanglement, and topological
Jens Boos
University of Alberta
Differential geometry and black hole physics
Theodore Brennan
Rutgers University
3D Chern-Simons theories
Ksenia Bulycheva
Princeton University
AdS/CFT, SYK model, entanglement entropy
Reggie Caginalp
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
AdS/CFT, quantum information theory, quantum gravity, holography
Nele Callebaut
Princeton University & Ghent University
Gauge-gravity duality, Quantum Chromodynamics
Pawel Caputa
Yang Institute of Theoretical Physics
Quantum information in Quantum Gravity, Quantum Field Theory
Soumangsu Bhusan Chakraborty
Racah Institute of Physics, HUJI 
Understanding holography beyond AdS_3
Venkatesa Chandrasekaran
University of California at Berkley 
Holographic aspects of the quantum null energy condition
Atreya Chatterjee
Brown University
Understanding relations between soft theorems - memory effect and black hole information - supertranslations using representations of BMS group
Chaoyi Chen
Fudan University
Entanglement entropy, Kitaev model
Lin-Qing Chen
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
Quantum gravity, Asymptotic symmetry 
Long Cheng
Fudan University
AdS/CFT Correspondence, quantum entanglement, quantum informations
Alex Cole
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Topological data analysis,  Picard-Lefschetz theory, Weak Gravity Conjecture
Sean Colin-Ellerin
University of California, Davis
AdS/CFT correspondence, quantum chaos 
Josiah Couch
University of Texas at Austin
Connection between quantum infomration and quantum gravity
Jesse Cresswell
University of Toronto
Improving understanding of the black hole informaiton probelm using insights from quantum information and
Pouria Dadras

California Institute of Technology
Black hole Information Parardox, SYK model, Traversable Wormholes in context
of AdS/CFT

Thomas de Beer
University of Toronto
Gravity, quantum field theories, quantum information theory and effective field
Matthew DeCross
University of Pennsylvania
Emergence of spacetime geometry and topology from quantum entanglement in
the context of Ads/CFT
Aditya Dhumuntarao
Perimeter Institute of Theoretical Physics/University of Minnesota
Information paradox and black hole thermodynamics
Yi-Hsien Du
McGill University
Quantum information and spacetime, quantum entanglement, holographic

correspondance, black hole thermodynamics, quantum information
Stefan Eccles
University of Texas at Austin
Quantum gravity and AdS/CFT
Mikhail Evtikhiev
Weizmann Institute of Science
Superconformal field theories and string theories
Mir Mehedi Faruk
McGill University
Zicao Fu
University of California, Santa Barbara
Gravity related theoretical physics, AdS/CFT correspondace in relation to both 
black hole thermodynamics and properties of wormhole spacetimes
Ping Gao

Harvard University
AdS/CFT, entanglement entropy in gravity, Effective field theory of hydrodynamics

Hrant Gharibyan
Stanford University
Interface of quantum unformation theory, high enerygy physics, and quantum
Dongwook Ghim
Seoul National University
String theory and quantum field theory
Animik Ghosh
University of Kentucky
SYK model and chaos
Sudip Ghosh
International Centre for Theoretical Sciences 
Entanglement in quantum field theories
Akash Goel
Princeton University
Black hole information problem, AdS/CFT
Brianna Grado White
University of California, Santa Barbara
Quantum gravity, holography, quantum information
Wei Gu
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University
Mirror symmetry, Ads/CFT, quantum information
Sunny Guha
Texas A & M
Conformal bootstrap, holography, supergravity
Minyong Guo
Perimeter Institute
Holographic complexity
Harsha Hampapura
Brandeis University
Entanglement in field theory, holographic entanglement entropy
Xizhi Han
Stanford University
Hologrophy and matrix models, transport bound in chaotic systems
Jonathan Harper
Brandeis University
Quantum field theory, general relativity, geometry, quantum information theory
Subramanya Hegde
Indian Institue of Science Education and Research Thiruvananthapuram
N=2 conformal supergravity in four dimensions
Kenneth Heitritter
The University of Iowa
Electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, string theory
Robie Hennigar
University of Waterloo
AdS black holes, holographic complexity
Juan Hernandez
Perimeter Institute
Hydrodynamics, quantum information theory
Anthony Hoover
Lehigh University
Describing strongly coupled systems through the use of holography
Nicholas Hunter-Jones
California Institute of Technology
Quantum information theory, quantum chaos, black hole information processing
Chiung Hwang
Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Dualities of quantum field theories and string theories
Diksha Jain
Scuola Internazionale Superiore di Studi Avanzati(SISSA), Trieste
Aspects of the elliptic genus on non-compact manifolds
Yiyang Jia
Stony Brook University
QFT and statistical physics, chaotic and solvability aspects of SYK model
Jiaqi Jiang
Princeton University
2d quantum gravity and SYK model  
Laura Johnson
Case Western Reserve University
Field theory, gravity and cosmology
Daniel Kapec
Harvard University
Quantum field theory, general relativitym string theory, and quantum gravity 
specifically in asymptotically flat spacetimes
Arjun Kar
University of Pennsylvania
Interplay between information theory, quantum gravity, and quantum field theory
Himanshu Khanchandani
Princeton University
Conformal field theories in two dimensions
Filip Kiałka
University of Duisburg-Essen / University of Vienna
Vacuum entanglement and the Unruh effect
Isaac Kim
Quantum error correction, entanglement, bulk reconstruction
Nozomu Kobayashi Kavli
IPMU, The University of Tokyo
Recontruction and recovering the bulk information from boundary CFT, constraining
the theory and bringing out the universal, behavior by symmetries
Elias Kokkas
University of Tennessee Knoxville
Interface of quantum gravity and quantum information
David Kolchmeyer
Harvard University
Entanglement entropy (EE) in gauge theory and gravity
Roman Kolevatov
Princeton University
Michael Kreshchuk
University of Minnesota
High energy physics, supersymmetric 2D sigma models, quasi-exactly solvable
models in quantum mechanics
Aleksander Kubica
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Quantum information science and its intersection with condensed matter and 
high energy physics
Ho Tat Lam
Princeton University
Raoul Letschka
Instituto de Física Teórica UAM-CSIC
Low ebergy quantum behaviour of QED and perturbative general relativity
Samuel Leutheusser
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Quantum gravity, LME, EFT, hydrodynamics
Adam Levine
University of California, Berkeley
Quantum engery conditions in the context of Ads/CFT, overlap between conventional quantum information theoretic techniques and entanglement
results in quantum field theory
Henry Lin
Princeton University
Statistical physics and astrophysics, complexity geometry 
Junyu Liu
California Institute of Technology
High energy physics, quantum field theory, holography, black hole information problem
Maximilian Lock
Imperial College London
Quantum thermodynamics and quantum information theory
Sagar Fakirchand Lokhande
University of Amsterdam
Zhuxi Luo
University of Utah
Quantum field theory, condensed matter physics, general relativity, 
category theory, algebraic topology
Javier Magan
Instituto Balseiro
Quantum gravity, black holes, quantum chaos
Hugo Marrochio
Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Connections between holography and quantum information concepts
Victoria Martin
Arizona State University
Gauge/ gravity duality to study aspects of strongly interacting quantum 
field theories and entanglement
Javier Martin-Garcia
Instituto de Física Teórica (IFT) UAM-CSIC
Quantum gravity, focusing on role of quantum entanglement in gravity
in the context of AdS/CFT and other relations with quantum information
Edward Mazenc
Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics
Emergent spacetime in the context of matrix quantum mechanics
Saoussen Mbarek
University of Waterloo
Thermodynamics of asymptotically de Sitter black holes
Efstathios Megas
University of California, Los Angeles
K-theoretic classification of topological phases, SYK model, the modular bootstrap and Virasoro Blocks
Calvin Mera
University of Iowa
Seiberg-Witten Theory, Cohomological field theory, mathematical physics
Thomas Mertens
Ghent University
Black hole physics, string thermodynamics, lower-dimension models
of holography
Alexey Milekhin
Princeton University
AdS/CFT correspondence, tensor models
Vincent Min
KU Leuven
Gravity, holography and string theory
Rashmish Mishra
Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italy
Field theory, particle physics, general relativity, cosmology, AdS/CFT, 
phenomenological and formal aspects
Masamichi Miyaji
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics
AdS/CFT correspondence, string theory, quantum entanglement, 
tensor networks
Ravi Mohan
University of Texas at Austin
AdS/CFT correspondence, quantum gravity, and quantum information
Jakob Moritz
Generic features of fully stabilized string compactifications
Alexandros Mousatov
Stanford University
Stringy effects in the near-horizon region of a black hole, and their 
connection with non-local effects or the violation of EFT
Baurzhan Mukhametzhanov
Harvard University
Gauge/gravity duality and stringly coupled and chaotic OFTs
Richard Nally
Stanford University
Applying the tools of  analytic number theory to the study of BPS black
Vladi Narovlansky
Weizmann Institute of Science 
Class-S theory, quenched disorder, SYK models
Usman Naseer
Massachsetts Institute of Technology
Duality symmetries, RG flows and exact results in supersymmetric 
gauge theories
Pranjal Nayak
University of Kentucky
Understanding the 2- dimensional black holes in Jackiw-Teitelboim 
Dominik Neuenfeld
University of British Columbia
Emergence of spacetime and the implication of quantum information
theoretic inequalities for gravitation, infrared structure of gauge
theories and gravity
Kento Osuga
Univeristy of Alberta
Quantum aspects of black holes, connections between black holes
and quantum information theory
Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso
Hawking radiation, wormholes, how entangled particles make hawking
radiation from black holes or wormholes
Sridip Pal
University of California San Diego
Scale invariant systems, in particular 2D CFTs and non-relativistic 
avatar of CFTs in different dimensions
Preethi Pallegar
Princeton University
Nikolaos Pappas
National and Kapodistrian Univeristy of Athens (Physics Department)
Sarthak Parikh
California Institute of Technology
Intersection of gauge/gravity duality, number theory and information 
Sang-A Park
Korea Institute for Advanced Study
Quantum gravity, black hole systems and related field theory systems 
from the point of view of the AdS/CFT correspondence
Sabrina Pasterski
Harvard University
Cheng Peng
Brown University
Quantum field theory, in particular in the context of gauge/gravity duality
Yuxuan Peng
Princeton University
AdS/CFT correspondence and quantum information, black hole physics,
asymptotically AdS spacetimes, holography
Geoffrey Penington
Stanford University
Quantum information and quantum gravity
Fedor Popov
Princeton University
Quantum field theory and adjacent topic
Alankrita Priya
Arizona State University
To use the quasinormal-mode (QNM) method for calculating one-loop
partition functions to calculate the partition function for graviton 
Igor Prlina
Brown University
Singularities in planar N=4 SYM 
Djordje Radicevic
Perimeter Institute
Fundamental properties of QFTs and gravity, algebraic analysis of how 
entanglement and chaos are defined in quantum theories
Srivatsan Rajagopal
Massachsetts Institute of Technology
Alebraic quantum field theory, hydrodynamics, renormalisation 
Daniel Ranard
Stanford University
How different choices of degrees of freedom lead to new descriptions of the same physics
Pratik Rath
University of California, Berkeley
Understanding holography in general spacetimes, complexity=action and complexity= volume
conjectures in AdS/CFT 
Vimal Rathee
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Quantum computation, specifically quantum entanglement and phase
transitions in spin qubit systems
Ana Retore
University of Miami (current) and Instituto de Física Teórica - Unesp (Permanent)
Classical and quantum integrability
Bharath Ron
Chennai Mathematical Institute
Emergence of time, nonequilibrium thermodynamics, quantum information
foundations of quantum physics, algebraic quantum physics
Shan-Ming Ruan
Perimeter Institute
Quantum chaos, holographic complexity, "It from Qubit" program
Phil Saad
Stanford University
Quantum gravity, chaotic long time behavior of black holes, SYK model
Burak Sahinoglu
California Institute of Technology
Quantum information theory, 6j-symbols and its relation to quantum
marginal problem and entropy inequalities, gapped topological phases
of matter
Nico Salzetta
University of California, Berkeley
Holography beyond AdS/CFT, the holographic principle in general spacetimes
Riko Schadow
Max Planck Institute for physics
Connection between quantum information, space-time geometry and
field theory
Arvin Shahbazi-Moghaddam
Information theoretic aspects of QFTs and their connections to quantum
Omar Shehab
IonQ, Co
Quantum algorithm designer building a trapped ion quantum computer
at IonQ
Akhil Jaisingh Sheoran
Purdue University
Theoretical high energy physics, AdS/CFT correspondence
Bowen Shi
The Ohio State University
Interface between condensed matter theory and quantum information
Kedar S. Kolekar

Chennai Mathematical Institute
AdS_2 holography for AdS_2 solutions to dilaton-gravity-matter theories
arising from dimensional reduction of higher dimensional 
non-relativistic theories to 2-dimensions

Ashish Shukla
University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Symmetry constraints on correlation functions of inflationary 
perturbations in single-field models of inflation
Milind Shyani
Stanford University
Black hole entropy, AdS/CFT
Barbara Šoda
University College London
Near horizon symmetries of black holes, quantum observeres, and spacetime symmetries
Tomer Solberg
Weizmann Institute of Science
Theoretical high energy physics, Effective strings and SUSY
Jonathan Sorce
Stanford University
Quantum gravity, holography, and quantum information
Stefan Stanojevic
Brown University
Landau singularities, supersymmetric SYK model
Henry Stoltenberg
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
Quantum/holographic complexity, black hole information problem, the arrow of time in cosmology and the initial state of inflation
Alexandre Streicher
University of California Santa Barbara
Chaotic behavior of quantum mechanical systems
Nikolay Sukhov
Princeton University
Cosmology, High Energy Theory
Haoyu Sun
University of California, Berkeley
Number Theory, String Theory and Supersymmetric QFT
Andrew Svesko
Arizona State University
Entanglement structure of spacetime

Eugene Tang
Califnornia Institute of Technology 
Quantum error-correction properties of AdS/CFT, holographic code

Gabriel Trevino
University of California Santa Barbara
Gauge/gravity duality, the holographic entropy cone, and bulk reconstruction in the context of AdS/CFT
Yiannis Tsiares
McGill University
AdS/CFT, thermalization and the Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis, modular
bootstrap in CFT2
Gustavo Joaquin Turiaci
Turiaci and Princeton University
AdS/CFT, black holes and quantum chaos, holographic quantum
mechanical models (SYK and generalizations) and bulk reconstruction
Koji Umemoto
Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics (YITP), Kyoto University
Quantum entanglement and classical correlations in the AdS/CFT 
Talya Vaknin
Weizmann Institute of Science
Understanding the consequences of adding a TT* deformation to 
quantum field theories in two dimensions
Shreya Vardhan
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Applying an effective field theory formalism of hydrodynamics to 
systens with conserved two-form currents
Juven Wang
Institute for Advanced Study
Quantum matter
Jieqiang Wu
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
AdS/CFT, holographic entanglement entropy, and black hole physics
Zhenbin Yang
Princeton University
Black hole physics
Zhi Yang
Fudan University
General relativity, quantum field theory, gauge theories, particle physics
and AdS/CFT duality, entanglement entropy and spin-network
Cheuck Yin Yu
New York University
(2+1)D gravity
Haiqing Zhang
Beihang University, Beijing, China
Gauge/gravity duality and the black hole dynamics, links between
spacetime and the quantum information theory
W. Wayne Zhao
Princeton University
Weak gravity conjecture, numerical relativity
Wenli Zhao
Princeton University
AdS/CFT correspondence, supersymmetric field theory and black holes
Ying Zhao
Quantum gravity, quantum information, and black hole physics
Weishun Zhong
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Emergent nature of spacetime through exactly solvable toy models, 
including tensor network models of holography and spin models 
Yoav Zigdon
Ben- Gurion University of the Negev
Hawking radiation, black holes, general relativity

Michael Zlotnikov
Brown University 
String theory, AdS/CFT, Quantum field theory with emphasis on 
scattering amplitudes and soft theorems, flat space holography