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IAS/PCMI Summer Session 2001

Dates: July 8-28, 2001

Location: Prospector Square Lodging and Conference Center,
Park City, Utah.

Research Topic:
Quantum Field Theory, Supersymmetry, and Enumerative Geometry.                                

Organizers of the Research Program and Graduate Summer School:
Daniel S. Freed, University of Texas at Austin
David R. Morrison, Duke University
Isadore Singer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Courses for the Graduate Summer School: Classical Field Theory, Quantum Field Theory, General Relativity, Mirror Symmetry, and Enumerative Geometry.

Graduate Summer School Lecturers: Daniel S. Freed, University of Texas at Austin; Barbara Fantechi, University of Udine, Italy; Orlando Alvarez, University of Miami; Clifford Johnson, University of Durhan (UK); David R. Morrison, Duke University; Ronen Plesser, Duke University; William Fulton, University of Michigan; and Aaron Bertram, University of Utah.

Organizers of Other Programs:

High School Teachers:
Gail Burrill, Mathematical Sciences Education Board Steering Committee
Carol Hattan, University of Washington Site

Mathematics Education Research Program:
Joan Ferrini-Mundy, Michigan State University
Timothy Kelly, Hamilton College
Richard Lehrer, University of Wisconsin

Undergraduate Program:
Roger Howe, Yale University
William Barker, Bowdoin College

Undergraduate Faculty:
Daniel Goroff, Harvard University
John Polking, Rice University
Paul Blanchard, Boston University


The focus of PCMI is a three-week Summer Session. At the annual Summer Session all six of PCMI’s groups

high school teachers
mathematics education researchers
undergraduate college faculty
undergraduate students
graduate students
mathematics researchers

meet simultaneously, pursuing both individual courses of study and a meaningful amount of interaction. The rich mathematical experience combined with interaction among all participants results in greatly increased understanding and awareness of the issues confronting mathematics and mathematics education today.

The Summer Session will be held in Park City, Utah, from July 8–28 2001. Park City is a scenic resort town approximately 30 minutes from Salt Lake City. Long known as a popular ski resort in the winter, Park City’s summer attractions include a pleasant climate, breathtaking mountain scenery, and abundant hiking and outdoor opportunities. 

PCMI is a program of the INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDY, Princeton, New Jersey.

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will be updated periodically.

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