Program Description


From July 18 to 29, 2016, the 15th annual Prospects in Theoretical Physics (PiTP) summer school will be held on the campus of the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS). The school is sponsored by IAS, the Max-Planck-Princeton Center for Fusion and Astro Plasma Physics (MPPC), and the Black Hole Accretion Theory and Computation Network (the Horizon collaboration). 

The school is intended for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows working in computational plasma astrophysics and related subjects. The goal is for young researchers to hone the numerical methods they employ in their own research, to learn about the techniques used in related research areas, and to improve their understanding of the physics and phenomenology of plasma astrophysics. The lectures will cover algorithms for numerical magnetohydrodynamics (MHD), kinetic simulations, radiation MHD, and MHD in dynamic spacetimes; applications to accretion disks, jets, star formation and other systems; and topics such as visualization, software engineering, and emerging architectures for high-performance computing.

Students are expected to carry out computational homework on their personal laptops.

A list of lecturers and organizers can be found here.


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