Lisa Fleischer
Research Test
Allison McIntyre
PiTP Program Assistant
Chiara Nappi
Princeton University, PiTP Program Director
Particle physics
Michelle Sage
Administrative Officer, School of Natural Sciences
Michele Turansick
Institute for Advanced Study


Nima Arkani-Hamed
Institute for Advanced Study
Nathaniel Craig
University of California, Santa Barbara
André de Gouvêa
Northwestern University
Michael Dine
University of California, Santa Cruz
Rouven Essig
C.N. Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics
Peter Graham
Stanford University
Mariangela Lisanti
Princeton University
Jim Olsen
Princeton University
David Spergel
Princeton University
Chris Tully
Princeton University
Liantao Wang
University of Chicago
Neal Weiner
New York University


Haider Alhazmi
University of Kansas
Dark Matter and Beyond Standard Model Physics.
Daniel Aloni
Weizmann institute of science, Israel
High energy phenomenology
Carlos Alvarado
University of Notre Dame
SUSY model building, effective field theory, flavored dark matter
Pouya Asadi
Rutgers University
BSM Model Building
Kim Vanessa Berghaus
Johns Hopkins University
Quentin René Christian Bonnefoy
Ecole Polytechnique
Supersymmetric effective theories for particle physics and cosmology
Manuel Alejandro Buen Abad Najar
Boston University
Particle Physics Phenomenology, Collider Phenomenology, Dark Matter, Cosmology, Quantum Field Theory
Malte Seán Andreas Buschmann
Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
BSM phenomenology at colliders
Mariana Carrillo Gonzalez
University of Pennsylvania
particle physics and cosmology
Sankha Subhra Chakrabarty
University of Florida, Gainesville
Theoretical cosmology and astrophysics
Jae Hyeok Chang
YITP, Stony Brook
Dark matter phenomenology
Laura Chang
Princeton University
Dark matter phenomenology, tabletop experiments for testing fundamental physics
Shikha Chandra Chaurasia
College of William & Mary
physics beyond the standard model, supersymmetry, flavor models, nonperturbative unification, inflationary cosmology, gravity, group theory
Gaoli Chen
University of Florida
Flavor physics
Shai Chester
Princeton University
Soo-Min Choi
Chung-Ang University
Self-interacting dark matter phenomenology
Raymond Co
University of California, Berkeley
Phenomenology of Dark Matter, Supersymmetry, and Grand Unification
Francesco Coradeschi
DAMTP, University of Cambridge
Precision Standard Model calculation, physics beyond the Standard Model
Gabriel Francisco Cuomo
My current research focus on two topics: CFTs in D>2 and the Equivalent Gauge in the Standard Model, a tool to study the high energy limit of Electroweak interactions,
Joe Davighi
University of Cambridge
Theoretical Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Dipsikha Debnath
University of Florida
Collider phenomenology of new physics Beyond the Standard Model (BSM).
Betul Demirkaya
Koç University
I am currently studying as a PhD candidate in Koç university. My research is on Acoustic Black Holes which includes the study of general relativity, fluid dynamics, quantum and classical fluids.
mona inge dentler
johannes gutenberg university, mainz
Avital Dery
Weizmann Institute
Jeff Asaf Dror
Cornell University
Particle physics
Peizhi Du
University of Maryland
Particle Physics
Cem Eroncel
Syracuse University
Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology, Physics of the Early Universe
Yale Fan
Princeton University
quantum field theory
Darius Alexander Faroughy
Jozef Stefan Institute
LHC phenomenology, BSM physics, B-anomalies.
Nicolas Fernandez
University of California, Santa Cruz
Rodolfo Ferro Hernandez
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
Physics beyond the standard model.
Dennis Mitchell Foren
Michigan State University
BSM phenomenology, electroweak precision observables, detection prospects, jet substructure, dark matter, exotics
Antonia Micol Frassino
Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Goethe University
Black hole thermodynamics, dualities, physics beyond the Standard Model
Lena Funcke
Max Planck Institute for Physics and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
Theory and phenomenology of our recent gravitational neutrino mass and axion models, including neutrino cosmology, topological defects, neutrinoless double beta decay, and flavor-changing processes.
Humberto Bruce Gilmer
The Ohio State University
Physics Beyond the Standard Model, Phenomenology
David Gordo
Particle Physics, QCD, BFKL, Scattering Amplitudes, On-shell methods, Particle Phenomenology, Holography
Marco Gorghetto
SISSA, Trieste, Italy
Thiago Barbosa dos Santos Guerreiro
Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro - PUC-Rio, Brazil
Quantum optics, metrology, precision interferometry, measurements of QED vacuum-birefringence, axion searches
Yaqi Han
University of Florida
Tariq Hasan
McGill University
particle phenomenology, dark matter, weak scale hierarchy problem
Khalida S Hendricks
The Ohio State University
Theoretical Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Samuel David Homiller
Yang Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stony Brook University
Electroweak Physics, Dark Matter, Baryogenesis
Sungwoo Hong
University of Maryland
General BSM (SUSY, Extradimension) model building, Phenomenology, Dark matter, Cosmology
Rachel Houtz
University of California, Davis
Model Building and Phenomenology
Fa Peng Huang
Institute of High Energy Physics
Higgs physics and particle cosmology
Sebastian Ingenhütt
Technical University of Munich & Max Planck Institute for Physics, Munich
Dark matter phenomenology, non-minimal gravitational interactions
Ryan Janish
UC Berkeley
New approaches for detecting BSM physics
Bugeob Jo
Particle physics, Cosmology
Evan Johnson
Ohio State University
Effective field theories, resonant dark matter, bound states
Saeed Kamali
University of Mississippi
You Jin Kang
Chung-Ang University
Beyond Standard Model at the LHC and Dark Matter Phenomenology
Hyeontae Kim
Seoul National University
Particle physics phenomenology and cosmology
Seth Koren
University of California, Santa Barbara
Corey M Kownacki
University of California Riverside
Neutrino Mass, Dark Matter, Family Symmetries, BSM Physics, Self-interacting Dark Matter
Venkat Sai Anirudh Krovi
Northwestern University
Soubhik Kumar
University of Maryland
Particle physics
Jay Lawhorn
CMS experiment, SUSY, standard model vector bosons
Kyle Lee
Stony Brook University - YITP
Perturbative QCD, Effective Field Theory, Dark Matter
UC Davis
BSM phenomenology
Benjamin Guion Lillard
University of California, Irvine
Composite models; SUSY gauge theories; dark matter
Hongwan Liu
Dark matter phenomenology
Jesse Liu
University of Oxford
LHC, ATLAS, beyond the Standard Model, supersymmetry, dark matter
Salvator Lombardo
Cornell University
Brian Forrest Maddock
University of Cincinnati
Higgs and flavour physics
Logan Maingi
Johns Hopkins University
BSM Phenomenology
Rashmish K Mishra
University of Maryland
Beyond Standard Model Physics, Extra dimensions, RS models, AdS/CFT applications
Siddharth Mishra-Sharma
Princeton University
Christopher Mogni
UC Berkeley
Quantum Field Theory
Kirtimaan Mohan
Michigan State University
BSM physics, Collider phenomenology, Dark Matter, Higgs Physics
Gopolang Mokoka Mohlabeng
University of Kansas
Dark Matter, Collider Phenomenology and Astroparticle Physics
Cristina Mondino
New York University
Matthew Moschella
Princeton University
Vijay Narayan
UC Berkeley
Lina Necib
Dark Matter Searches, Fermi Analyses, N-body simulations, Jet substructure
Toby Opferkuch
Bonn University
Aditya Parikh
Harvard University
Particle Phenomenology, Dark Matter, Physics Beyond the Standard Model, Baryogenesis, Early Universe Physics
Oleg Igorevich Popov
University of California, Riverside
Physics Beyond SM, Neutrino Physics, DM Models, Self Interacting Dark Matter, GUTS/Extra Dim GUTS, Hierarchy Problem, Inflation Physics& Reheating, Flavour Physics, Collider Phenomenology.
Pablo Quílez
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid UAM and Instituto de Física Teórica (IFT, UAM/CSIC)
Flavour Physics, Neutrinos, Strong CP, Axions, Dark Matter
Bradley Lewis Rachlin
Vanderbilt University
Beyond Standard Model flavor physics
Sourav Raha
University of Florida
String bits and Large N models
Satish Ramakrishna
Rutgers University
Theoretical Physics, Particle physics and electroweak symmetry Breaking
Harikrishnan Ramani
Stony Brook University
BSM phenomenology, Collider studies, QCD, dark matter, finite temperature field theory
Paul Riggins
UC Berkeley
Gabriele Rigo
Syracuse University
Hierarchy problem, astrophysical implication of BSM physics, axions
Thomas Rink
MPIK Heidelberg
Dark matter and neutrino physics
Gustavo Salinas de Souza
Northeastern University
Ayush Saurabh
Arizona State University
Cosmology, Topological Solitons, Particle Physics
Adam Scherlis
Enrico Junior Schioppa
Physics at the LHC
Mukul Sholapurkar
Stony Brook University
Dark matter direct detection, phenomenology
Jordan Smolinsky
UC Irvine
Phenomenology of Dark Matter Simplified Models
Laurel Stephenson Haskins
University of California, Santa Cruz
I am interested in physics beyond the standard model. My research experience has been primarily in various aspects of quantum field theory, particle physics, and cosmology.
Anna - Maria Taki
Tiantian Tong
University of Oregon
My research has been focusing on high energy theory and phenomenology, especially on BSM physics and dark matter related topics.
Andreas Trautner
bctp, Universität Bonn
Maxime Trepanier
Laval University
Vacuum Decay, Gauge/gravity duality
Sokratis Trifinopoulos
University of Zurich
Flavor Physics and the Origin of masses, Physics Beyond the Standard Model and the Hierarchy Problem, Effective Field Theories (EFT), Neutrino Physics
Yu-Dai Tsai
Cornell University
Particle Physics and Cosmology
Douglas Eduardo Tuckler
University of Cincinnati
Beyond Standard Model Physics
Gaurav Verma
Zihui Wang
New York University
Yuyu Wang
University of Kansas
Cosmology, Partical physics, Statistics
Qingyun Wang
University of Illinois at Chicago
theoretical particle physics
PoJen Wang
New York University
Particle Phenomenology: Dark Matter, Supersymmetry, Effective Field Theory
Jennifer Rittenhouse West
University of California, Irvine
Chih-Liang Wu
I am interested in particle physics phenomenology beyond Standard Model, in particular neutrino physics, dark matter model building and detection in both LHC experiment and cosmology.
Mandy M. Wygas
Bielefeld University
Large Lepton Asymmetries, Cosmic QCD Phase Transition, Sterile Neutrinos, Dark Matter
Keping Xie
Southern Methodist University
Theoretical Physics Beyond the Standard Model
Akshay Yelleshpur Srikant
Princeton University
Theoretical high energy physics
Zhewei Yin
Northwestern University
High Energy Theory
Arash Yunesi
Florida State University
Dark Matter, SCET, Gravity
Sebastian Zell
Max-Planck-Institut für Physik
Collective phenomena in quantum field theory, the cosmological constant, inflation, quantum field theory in curved spacetime, symmetries of black holes and entropy, quantum information, axion physics
Rui Zheng
UC Davis
particle physics phenomenology