Seminar on Morals and Moralities

      School of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

5 October 2011
Steven Lukes, New York University, member of the IAS
Durkheim on Morals and Moralities

12 October 2011
Joel Robbins, University of California - San Diego, guest speaker
Anthropology of Morality: Between Reproduction and Freedom

19 October 2011
Didier Fassin and Joan Scott, faculty of the IAS
Moral Economies

2 November 2011
Elizabeth Bernstein, Barnard College/Columbia University
& Nancy Scheper-Hughes, University of California, Berkeley, members of the IAS
"Trafficking" and Trafficking: Sex and Kidneys

30 November 2011
James Doyle, the University of Bristol, visitor to the IAS
Philosophies of Morality

14 December 2011
Sherine Hamdy, Brown University
& Janis Jenkins, University of California - San Diego, members of the IAS
Individual Choice

18 January 2012
Alex Hinton, Rutgers University
& Kimberly Theidon, Harvard University, members of the IAS
Perpetrators, Bystanders and Collaborators

1 February 2012
Thomas Csordas, University of California - San Diego, member of the IAS

15 February 2012
Michael Lambek, University of Toronto, guest speaker
Ethical Subjects

29 February 2012
Karuna Mantena, Yale University, member of the IAS
Morality and Politics in Tension
Followed by a screening of the film A Separation

14 March 2012
Jarrett Zigon, University of Amsterdam, member of the IAS
Critical Studies of Good and Right(s)

28 March 2012
Michael Walzer, professor emeritus of the IAS
Moral Argument and Politics

11 April 2012
Kabir Tambar, Stanford University, member of the IAS
Moral Criticism, Between Secularism and Religion

25 April 2012
Samuel Moyn, Columbia University, guest speaker
Human Rights between Morality and Politics


9 May 2012
Didier Fassin, faculty of the IAS
The Politics of Humanitarianism